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US Colonization

Chapter 3 US Colonization and Migration

TermSupportive Bckgrd.
Southern Colonies developed agricultural economies that relied heavily upon enslaved labor
Cash Crops Tobacco, rice, cotton, and indigo (intensive manual labor required)
Plantation System kept the colonies wealth and political power in the hands of a wealthy elite
enslaved Africans (early 1700s) status and rights were restricted by slave colonies
New England Geography allowed colonists to develop fishing, whaling, logging, and shipbuilding industries
Town meeting the basis for the local government / fostered New England belief of the right to self-government
Triangle Trade helped colonists exchange their products for English goods
Social class emersion in New England and the Middle Colonies
Charter grant by country's sovereign power creating an institution & defines its priviledges
slave codes laws in each US state that defined slave status & the rights of their masters
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