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Manifest Destiny


Oregon trail the route across the vast central plains and the rocky Mountains was called the
Adams-onis treaty agreement that stated that florda would now belong to the United States was called
Annex To add a piece of territory
Santa Fe trail the route that led to areas in New Mexico and the southwest was called the
California gold rush An event that spurred the ideas of boomtowns and ghost towns was called the
Ghost town a town that was left empty after the gold craze passwd was called the
Mountain Men The people that adopted native americans ways and lifestyles and traded furs
Manifest Destiny Obvious or undeniable fate: America's reason to move west
Boomtown A town that became important because of the discovery of gold was called a
54*40 Line of latitude: campaign point for the election of 1844
Texas war for independence Sam Houston Stephen Austin and Santa are all important people in....
Treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo The _________ ended the war between Mexico and America and set the border at the rio Grande for Texas.
Battle of the alamo The ______________ lasted 13 days and saw the death of 180 out of 200 Americans
Wilmot Prouisio The _______________ created a conflict over the idea of slavery and widened the gap between north and south.
$30 million how much money did james Polk offer to Mexico to buy off the land
49ers people traveling west looking for gold were nicknamed
Joseph Smith who was the founder of the Mormon church
John O' sullivan In 1840, New york newspaper editor is
Free slave state or not free state what was the problem that came with the addition of new land into the US
Rio Grande and Nueces River What to rivers were involved in the border dispute
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