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Test 4

4th grade History

Who witnessed to several cannibal tribes? Mary Slessor
Who learned to read religious literature of India because her Hindu father taught her? Pandita Ramabai
Who quite his job as a shoe salesman because he wanted to work only for God, helping lead souls to Christ? Dwight L. Moody
He decided that the best way to reach the Chinese was to become as nearly Chinese as possible. Hudson Taylor
She began a home for widows giving them the message of salvation. Pandita Ramabai
In Australia - he began new churches, brought in more pastors, and even built a college, often at his own expense. John Lang
Witnessed to both Union and Confederate solders. Dwight L. Moody
He won his own freedom and the freedom to preach the gospel throughout Peru. Francisco Penzotti
Who did everything he could to stop false teaching in South Africa; wrote more than 250 books. Andrew Murray
I rescued many twin babies as possible and raised many of them at home. Mary Slessor
China is located in? Asia
On what continent is Nigeria located? Africa
On what continent is India Located? Asia
On what continent is Peru located? South America
There was more interest in Godly things after the Civil War
What is revival? a reawakening to spiritual things in the heart of a Christian, causing that person to serve the Lord wholeheartedly.
Mary Slessor lived among cannibals, and Hudson-Taylor missed his loved ones. What was true about these missionaries' reaction to their circumstances? They were content and trusted God.
What was the cause of Mary Slessor's successful mission work? answered prayer
why missionaries need to raise money? To help pay for food, clothing, and housing. To help with the cost of ministry. To help with expenses in general.
Created by: calbright
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