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Social Studies Ch. 5

8th Grade-Mrs Clark test on 10/28/14

What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763? to limit settlement west of the Appalachian Mts.
What advantages did the Proclamation of 1763 provide for Britain? they could control western expansion
What 2 British acts alarmed the colonists and why? Proclamation of 1763 and sending troops a lot of troops to the colonies
What is incoming money? revenue
Who was George Grenville and what group did he decide to take action against? new Prime Minister of Britain-smugglers
What is a vice-admiralty court and why might this type of court anger the colonists? a court run by officers; colonists didn't have a jury
What were documents allowing customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods? writs of assistance
Which act lowered taxed on molasses and what year was is passed? Sugar Act-1764
What was grenville trying to do with this act? convince the colonists to pay for goods instead of smuggle them
What 3 rights did the colonists feel were being violated by these new laws? trial by jury innocent until proven guilty security in home
Who was James Otis and who did he defend? lawyer from Britain-colonies
What did James Otis say? no taxation without representation
Which act put a tax on all printed things and what year was it passed? Stamp Act-1765
What did the Stamp Act cause colonists to do? protest, boycott
What did colonial opposition center on? taxation without representation in Parliament
Who persuaded the Virginia House of Burgesses to take action against the Stamp Act? Patrick Henry
What is a formal expression of an opinion? resolution
Who organized the Sons of Liberty? Samuel Adams
What were rag figures representing unpopular tax collectors? effigies
Who met at the Stamp Act Congress? delegates from 9 colonies
Where and in what year was the Stamp Act Congress held? New York 1765
What did they draft at the Stamp Act Congress? a petition against the king
What is another word for 'refuse to buy something?' boycott
What is pledging not to buy or use goods from England? nonimportation
What impact did boycotts and nonimportation have on the British economy? they lost a lot of money
What is another word for cancel? repeal
What act said that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the colonies and what year was it passed? Declaratory Act-1767
What are taxes paid inside the colonies? internal taxes
What acts applied only to imported goods where taxes were paid at the point of entry and what year were they passed? Townshend Acts- 1767
List 4 examples of items taxed as a result of the Townshend Acts glass, tea,paper, lead
What did the colonies do when the Townshend Acts were passed? boycott
What was a women-organized group supporting the boycotts? Daughters of Liberty
What was info designed to influence opinions? propaganda
What were committees used for communication? Committee of Correspondence
What were civilian soldiers? minutemen
Who were colonists that stayed loyal to Britain? loyalists
Who were colonists who wanted to fight Britain patriots
What was a document where the colonists pledged their loyalty to the king and asked the King to intercede between them and Parliaent? Olive Branch Petition
Created by: kmccormack