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Stack #172522

Which of the following is NOT a long-term trend marking the expansion of suffrage in the United States? removing restrictive requirments based on religious belief, the Federal Government taking less of a role in protecting suffrage rights, eliminating req the Federal Government taking less of a role in protecting suffrage rights
In the past, some States limited voting rights by charging a poll tax
The phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices farther down the ballot is called ballot fatigue
The term political socialization can be defined as the process by which people formulate their political attitudes and opinions
The expansion of suffrage in the United States has been moved forward by amendments and civil rights acts.
Liteacy tests worked to deny the right to vote to African Americans primarily because African Americans were asked questions that were more difficult than those asked of prospective white voters
Which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination? Civil Rights Act of 1957
People with no sense of political efficacy feel that any choice they make will have no effect.
Today many States require that all voters be citizens of the United States and residents of the State
All the following have been used to keep African Americans from voting EXCEPT poll taxes, literacy tests, federal court orders, threats and social pressures federal court orders
A person who votes in the presidential election but does not vote for a congressional candidate in the same election is known as a "nonvoting voter."
To prevent fraudulent voting, most States require voters to register
The 15th Amendment, ratified in 1870, did not secure the right of African Americans to vote primarily because the Federal Government did not intervene to uphold the amendment.
Gerrymandering is unfair because it sets district boundaries to decrease one group's voting strength
In general, more of the electorate votes in general federal elections.
The expansion of suffrage to African Americans took place in two stages, one that granted suffrage in _________ and one that accomplished suffrage in _________. theory/fact
The States can set any qualifications they choose for voting, so long as those qualifications do not violate any restriction or provision set out in the Constitution
Voter turnout among 18-year-olds was higher immediately after passage of the 26th Amendment, but then dropped significantly
Why did Congress require States to allow voter registration by mail? to make it easier to register to vote
Literacy requirements were usually aimed at minority groups
For which of the following reasons might African Americans have been reluctant to sue States for voter discrimination? gerrymandering, lack of cause, longstanding patterns of violence and threats against African Americans, low voter turnout throughout longstanding patterns of violence and threats against African Americans
The amendments to the 1965 Voting Rights Act eliminated all literacy qualifications, broadened the law's preclearance provisions to cover other minority groups, and required ballots to be printed in bothe English and the language of minority involved
Based on voter turnout statistics, it is clear that many people find voting for President more important than voting for members of Congress
When a contest between two candidates is very close, people are more likely to vote
The differences in voting patterns between men and women have been shown to be issue-oriented
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