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vocab Ch. 10

Vocabulary Chapter 10

polio an acute infectious disease affecting the skeletal muscles, often resulting in permanent disability and deformity
gold standard a gold monetary standard in which one ounce of gold equals a set number of dollars
bank holiday closing banks during the great depression to avoid bank runs
fireside chats radio broadcasts made by Roosevelt to the American people to explain his initiatives
deficit spending government practice of spending borrowed money rather than raising taxes, usually in an attempt to boost the economy
binding arbitration process in which a neutral party hears arguments from two opposing sides and makes a decision that both must accept
sit-down strike method of boycotting work by sitting down at work and refusing to leave the establishment
court-packing a act of a leader to change the political balance of power in a nation's judiciary system by appointing judges who will rule in favor of his policies
mediate to attempt to resolve conflict between hostile people and groups
broker state role of government to work out conflicts among competing interest groups
safety net something that provides security against misfortune; specifically, government relief programs intended to protect against economic disaster
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