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Susan B. Anthony

3rd Grade Study Guide Terms

First political group in the United States formed by women Women's National Loyal League
Susan B. Anthony started a new group to win the right to vote for women called the National Women Suffrage Association
Anthony and Stanton wanted equal rights for freed slaves and women
The law making part of the government Legislative Branch
When Susan B. Anthony lived women... were not allowed to vote
The New York State_______ passed a new law in 1860 that allowed married women to own property. Legislature
3 Ways that Susan B. Anthony is honored dollar named in her honor, Plaque at National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls, NY, and statue in Rochester, NY
People who wanted to end slavery Abolitionists
A religious group that emphasized equality among people Quaker
A cruel system in which one person owns and controls another person is called slavery
After the Civil War slavery was no longer legal
A formal meeting where people discuss subjects that they are interested in Convention
Susan B. Anthony traveled across the country giving speeches because she wanted people to support women's right to vote
Before Susan B. Anthony voted she________ by putting her name on an official list. registered
Many abolitionist thought that women should have the same _______ as men. rights
Being free to make one's own decisions is known as Independence
Something that you own is called ..... Property
Susan B. Anthony and ____________ worked together for 52 years to win equal rights for women in the United States. Elizabeth Stanton
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