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Ch 24

The Nation at War

Describe Theodore Roosevelt's defense and foreign policies. - modernized the army; est'd Army War College & created a general staff to oversee military planning & mobilization - doubled the strength of the navy - got panama canal; Hay-Pauncefote Treaty (1901), US constructs & controls canal; Hay-Bunau-Varilla Tr
Discuss how the U.S. got the Panama Canal . - Hay-Pauncefote Treaty w/ Britain gave US permission to construct & control it - supported the Panamanian revolt from Colombia by recognizing the new Republic of Panama; the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty w/ Panama gave US control of a canal zone 10 mi wide
Explain the Roosevelt Corollary. - Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, warned Latin American nations to keep their affairs in order or face American intervention
Describe the relations between the U.S. and Japan from 1900 to 1918. - strained due to worries that Japan would invade or attack the unguarded US Philippines - relations improved when Japan asked US to mediate Japan-Russian War & agreements were signed (Taft-Katsura, "Gentleman's," & Root-Takahira) btw US & Japan
Explain the goals of Taft's "Dollar Diplomacy." - to promote American financial & business interest abroad (profit seeking motive) - substitute economic ties for military alliances - increase American influence & bring about lasting peace through economic ties
Discuss Wilson 's initial foreign policy ideology. - institute moral diplomacy, designed to bring right to the world, preserved peace, & extend to other people the blessings of democracy
Describe Wilson's diplomacy prior to U.S. entry into World War I. - sends Bryan to negotiate treaties of arbitration throughout the world, known as "cooling-off" treaties - not concerned w/ "pursuit of material interest" but w/ "human rights" and "national integrity" - continues Roosevelt-Taft policies
Describe Wilson's policy toward Mexico from 1913 to 1917. - US will recognize only "lawful" govs (govs based on law) - help Mexicans in achieving political & agrarian reform - intervene as appropriate to achieve the goals of the US & protect the US (intervene when it seemed appropriate for American interests)
Discuss the diplomatic events of 1914 leading to World War I. - Germany, Turkey, & Austria-Hungary - allied - England, France, & Russia - allied - 628/1914, a Bosnian assassin linked to Serbia killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne & w/in weeks the 2 allied groups were at war
Explain the basis of American support for Britain in 1914. - common language and institutions - blamed Germany for the war - ties of heritatage and the course of the war
Explain why the U.S. entered World War I. - Ger sends submarines to attack any ship near England & France - interc'd telegram from Zimmermann to Ger ambassador in Mex: proposed an alliance w/ Mex in case of war w/ US, offered financial support & recovery of Mex's "lost territory" in NM, TX, & AZ
Describe the U.S. military contributions in World War I. - Wilson and Congress called for a draft - Sims's convoy plan (all merchant ships to & from England & France are escorted in convoys by American destroyers) to protect allied shipping - provides troops to the land war w/ Germany
Discuss the U.S. domestic sector in World War I. - gov institutes: propaganda campaign to get US support for the war; a program of repression; strong anti-German sentiment - acts were passed to prevent tyranny of any kind - a board to oversee production of Am factories & Food Admin. to supply armies
Identify the major provisions of the Treaty of Versailles. - created Poland and Czechoslovakia - w/ large German-speaking populations; divided up German colonies in Asia & Africa - made Germany accept responsibility for the war & pay large reparations - formed League of Nations
Explain why the U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles - Disagreement btw the role of the US & the League of Nations: due to the mutual defense part of the Treaty, they don't agree to it
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