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Ch. 6

American Revolution

Who was the author of the pamphlet, Common Sense? Thomas Paine
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration is based on the Enlightenment philosophy of....????? natural rights
Name the three major committee members chosen to draft a declaration of independence from England.... Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams
A French noble who became a high-ranking officer in Washington's army.... Marquis de Lafayette
The German baron who helped train the Continental Army at Valley Forge.... Friedrich von Steuben
This battle is considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War.... Battle of Saratoga
Where did Washington's army spend a difficult winter during 1777-1778? Valley Forge
Who said, "I regret that I only have one life to give to my country."????? Nathan Hale
What was the worthless paper money printed by Congress called? continentals
What was the name of the American naval commander that defeated a British ship off England's coast? John Paul Jones
This traitor tried to give up West Pointe to the British... Benedict Arnold
This guerilla fighter was nicknamed "The Swamp Fox." Francis Marion
Name of the British commander who would surrender his army at Yorktown... Charles Cornwallis
American general who took charge of the Continental army in the South.... Nathanael Greene
The treaty that ended the American Revolution was held and signed where? Paris, France
The Spanish governor of Louisiana who helped the Americans during the revolution.... Bernardo de Galvez
What was the strategic military blunder made by the British at Yorktown? placed army on a peninsula
Why did Thomas Paine write "The Crisis?" to inspire the troops to stay committed to the cause of liberty
When was the approval of the Declaration of Independence announced? July 4, 1776
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