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History II

Chapter 18: U.S. and Latin America

Foraker Act -established a civil gov. in Puerto Rico -authorized the Pres. of U.S. to appoint a governor and part of the Puerto Rico leg.
Insular Cases supreme court determines the rights of Puerto Ricans
Jones-Shafroth Act -granted Puerto Ricans more citizenship -gave islanders greater control over their own leg.
Platt Amendment -restricted the rights of newly indep. Cubans -prevented Cuba from signing a treaty with another nation without U.S. approval
Big Stick Diplomacy created by Theodore Roosevelt which depended on strong military to achieve Amer. goals
Panama Canal bought by a french company to build a canal and 10 mill. year rent
Panamanian Rebellion rebellion against Columbia which gave Panama independence and building the canal
Roosevelt Corollary updated Monroe Doctrine for age of economic imperialism
Francisco Garcia Calderon Peruvian diplomat who contended the Monroe Doctrine by taking aggressive form
Augusto Sandino -Nicaraguan spokesman that felt U.S. threatened sovereignty and liberty of his people -led army of guerrillas
William Howard Taft Rep. pres. of 1908 that was handpicked by Roosevelt and shared his foreign policy
William Jennings Bryan defeated by Taft in the general election
Dollar Diplomacy created by Taft which was aimed to increase Amer. investments in business and banks.
Woodrow Wilson Dem. pres. of 1912 that criticized the foreign policy
William Jennings Bryan Sec. of State of 1912 and was defeated by Taft
Moral Diplomacy where U.S. wouldn't force to assert influence in the world but promote human rights
Porfirio Diaz Mexican dictator who benefitted small upper class of wealthy landowners, clerks, and mill. men
Francisco Madero -led Mex. Revolution that toppled Diaz -committed to reform-weak adm.
Gen. Victoriano Huerta seized power and executed Madero
Venustiano Carranza reformer that organized anti-Huerta forces
Francisco Panco Villa Carranza governor that raided the town of Columbus leaving 18 Amer. dead
John J. Pershing -sent by Wilson to Mex. but he failed to capture Villa -took command of Amer. Expeditionary Force in France
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