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Fr.rouge ch.2

Review of chapter

pelouse lawn
fer à repasser iron
linge clothes
buanderie laundry room
tailler to trim
arbuste shrub
tondeuse mower
sécateur clippers
travail work
vitre glass
éplucher to peel
essuyer to dry
chiffon rag
éponge sponge
tuyau d'arrosage hose
arroser to water
tiede warm
dur hard
mou soft
molle soft
plein full
vide empty
lourd heavy
leger light
haut high
courbe curved
droit straight
ondule wavy
pointu pointed
carre square
plat flat
court short
eleve elevated
volumineux voluminous
massif massive
minuscule miniscule
etroit narrow
epais thick
mince thin
mouille wet
rugueux rough
terne dull
usage used
lisse smooth
poli polished
neuf new
sec dry
l'acier steel
le fer iron
le cuivre copper
le plomb lead
le verre glass
le bois wood
la pierre stone
l'etoffe fabric
le caoutchouc rubber
la brique brick
papier paper
Created by: louikask