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Ch 5 Quiz


how many years was the french and indian war 9
what was the french and indian war called in europe 7 years war
where did the 7 years war start colonies
what was the reason for the 7 years war Virginia government demanded French recognizes there land claims
in the french and indian war, who was actually fighting french and british
what was william pitts strategy in the 7 years war fight the french in canada, not the caribbean
what countries did great britain get from the treaty of paris canada and florida
what countries did france get from treaty of paris guadaloupe and martinique
what countries did spanish get from treaty of paris cuba and philippines
what were the three rules in pontiac rebellion reject all european technology, don't become dependent on white men, and drive out british from area, using force if necessary
what was the result of pontiac's rebellion Proclamation of 1763
what year was pontiac's rebellion 1763
what did the proclamation of 1763 enforce prohibited colonial settlement west of the appalachian mountains and banned sale of Indian land to private individuals
did the colonies abide to the proclamation of 1763 no
what was george grenvilles belief colonist should pay their fair share of taxes
what 3 acts were passed to tax colonists sugar, stamp, and quartering act
what was the parliaments answer to stamp act rebellion every member of parliament represents every british colonists
what was the declaration of rights statements drew up by delegates stating their rights and grievances
what year was the stamp act repealed 1766
what was the reason for repealing the stamp act british demands, people were losing jobs
what act resulted from stamp act declaratory act
what did the declaratory act state parliament can tax colonists whenever they want
Created by: 76er Historian