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Ch 23

From Roosevelt to Wilson in the Age of Progressivism

List the supporters and goals of Progressivism. T Roosevelt, W Wilson, middle class, prosperous farmers, skilled laborers, business community Goals: humanize & regulate big business; investigate issues, educate people, & legislate a solution; purge the world of sins like prostitution & drunkenness
Name the amendment giving women the right to vote nationally. 19 Amendment
Describe the Progressive reforms in municipal government. - broadened utility regulation & restricted city franchises - updated tax assessments, often in favor of corp.s - developed a trained civil service -staffed a gov overseen by elected officials - created regulatory commissions & municipal depts
Describe the Progressive reforms in state government. - stiffen regulation of the labor of women & children - create & strengthen commissions to regulate railroads & utilities - impose corporate & inheritance taxes - improve mental & penal institutions - allocate more funds for state universities
Discuss Theodore Roosevelt's view of the presidency and his appointments as president. -t/ "bully pulpit"-forum of ideas & leadership for t/ nation; "a steward of the ppl bound actively & affi'ly to do all he cld for t/ppl" -E Root, sec/war & l8r sec/st; W H Taft, sec/war; G Pinchot, chf forester & lead con'ist; O W Holmes, Jr, Sup Crt mem
Explain Theodore Roosevelt's trust policy. - large-scale production & industrial growth were natural & beneficial; they needed only to be controlled - protect "good" trusts & control "bad" trusts
Name the first target of Theodore Roosevelt's attack on trusts. -the Northern Securities Company for violation of the Sherman Antitrust ACt
Explain the resolution of the anthracite coal miners' strike of 1902. - Aftr Roos. ordered t/ army to prepare to seize t/ mines & leaked wrd to Wall St leaders, t/ comps agreed to accept t/ recomm's of an indep comm'n app'd by t/ pres. - awarded a 10% wage incr & cut workg hours;t/ comps raised prices to offset t/ wage incr
List the legislative accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt's terms. - Railroad regulation: Elkins Act, Hepburn Act - Regulation of food and drug industries: Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food & Drug Act
Describe the conservation policies of Theodore Roosevelt. - conservation meant the wise use of natural resources to him - wilderness should be developed not preserved
Discuss the issues over which the Republican Party split during Taft's presidency. - powers of the speaker of the House - tariffs - conservation - regulating railroad rates
Describe the effects of the Mann-Elkins Act. - gave the ICC power to set rates, stiffened long- & short-haul regulations, & placed telephone & telegraph companies under ICC jurisdiction - created a Commerce Court
Identify the candidates and results of the presidential election of 1912. - Woodrow Wilson - Democrat - WON (435 electoral, 6,293,454 popular) - Theodore Roosevelt - Progressive - William H. Taft - Republican
List Wilson 's legislative accomplishments of 1913-1916. - Underwood Tariff Act - Federal Reserve Act - Clayton Antitrust Act
Describe Wilson 's anti-progressive stands on legislation. - refused to support a bill providing minimum wages for women workers, sidetracked a child labor bill on the ground that it was unconstitutional, opposed a bill to establish long-term credits for farmers, & refused to endorse woman suffrage & race bills
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