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History 1900-2000

How the live of Black Americans have changed

What happened in 1929? Segregation in the Deep South Northern States had no Segregation Laws Jim Crow laws The Great Migration
What happened in the 1920's? the kkk/ wasps cross burning/lynching population grew/political figures became members
1924 the kkk reached over 6,000,000 members
how many members did he kkk have in 1970 2,000
1909 the foundation of the naacp
1929 great wall street crash
1939 4000 blacks were in the army
1941 Tuskegee airmen
what year was the first march on washinton? 1941
1942 core was founded
what did the following years have in common 1954 1956 1957 and 1961 they all lead up to the desegregating of schools
what are the 3 main people involved with desegregation of schools? Linda Brown James maredith Little rock 9 and Clinton high
what happened in the summer of august 24,1955? the murder of Emmett Till
where are what year did the Montgomery bus boycoot take place Montgomery Alabama 1955 Rosa Parks
1961 freedom ride
what event took place on febuary 1960 sit ins
what happened in 1963 the Birmingham campign
what is project c? a plan devides by artin luther king it was givin this name by Eugene bull connor
march on Washington the 2nd time what was the date? august 28 1963
2nd july 1964 Passing of the civil rights act
Created by: chazzmay14