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7th Ringcard 47-69

Ringcard Vocab 47-69

Friar Catholic priest
Mission religious community built to establish settlement in Texas to convert Native Americans
Tejas name the Spanish used for the Indians.
Presidios military bases in Spanish colonial that were used to protect the missions.
Cede to officially give a territory from one country to another.
Rancho a small Mexican Spanish ranch where animals are raised.
El Camino Real “royal road” that led from East Texas missions to Mexico City.
Alcalde official who served as mayor, sheriff, and judge in Spanish settlements in Texas.
Vaqueros cowboys
Filibusters foreign military men who committed treasonous acts.
Tejanos Texas settlers of Spanish or Mexican decent.
Corpus Christi de la Isleta First mission in Texas built near present day El Paso in 1682.
Revolution uprising or revolt against the government.
San Francisco de los Tejas mission built by the Spanish in East Texas to keep the French out.
San Antonio de Bexar mission built on the San Antonio River
Republic government in which the authority comes from the people.
Spanish Colonial period of time when the Spanish built settlements in Texas which included missions, towns, presidios, and ranches.
Philip Nolan came to Texas to steal wild mustangs from the Spanish.
Dr. James Long came to Texas to declare Texas independent from Spain.
1821 Mexico gains INDEPENDENCE from Spain.
Marques de Rubi Spanish officer who was sent by the Spanish government to investigate the need for missions in East Texas.
Father Hidalgo Priest who motivated citizens to stand up and fight for independence from Spain.
Roman Catholic religion that the Spanish brought to Texas and tried to teach the Indians.
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