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Ch. 1- New Mexico-7t

Ch. 1- New Mexico History- 7th Grade

In what part of the United States is New Mexico located? Southwest
What five states border New Mexico? Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, & Texas
What is the size of New Mexico? 121,666 square miles
What are the four provinces that make up New Mexico's land surface? Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, & Basin and Range
What is New Mexico's average rainfall? 15 inches a year
What are New Mexico's most important rivers? Rio Grande, Pecos, Canadian, San Juan, & Gila Rivers
Why are New Mexico's rivers important? They are needed for irrigating crops in New Mexico.
What is the 3rd longest river in the United States? Rio Grande River
What is surface water? Water on top of the earth's surface.
What is ground water? Water under the ground that people pump to the surface.
How many life zones are located in New Mexico? 6
New Mexico is the _________ largest state in the Union 5th
In the four corner's area, what four states touch together? Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico
What is New Mexico's biggest shortcoming? water
What happens to the temperature in New Mexico when the altitude is higher? temperature gets wetter and colder the higher you go
What is the state capital in New Mexico? Santa Fe
What is the highest altitude in New Mexico? Wheeler's Peak
What is the lowest altitude in New Mexico? Red Bluff
What is the state bird in New Mexico? Roadrunner
What is the state animal in New Mexico? black bear
What is the state flower in New Mexico? Yucca
What is the state tree in New Mexico? Pinon Pine
What is the state fish of New Mexico? Cutthroat Trout
What is the state insect in New Mexico? Tarantula Hawk Wasp
What is the state gem in New Mexico? Turquoise
What is the state cookie in New Mexico? Bizcochito
What are the state vegetables of New Mexico? Chile and Frijoles (Chili peppers and Pinto Beans)
What is the nickname of the state of New Mexico? The Land of Enchantment
What are the state languages of New Mexico? English and Spanish
Which province in New Mexico is the most heavily populated? Basin and Range Province
Created by: vacosta