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Around and around

Around and around Ways of to move

Circuit A revolving; a journey around; a route
Circulatory Going in a circuit, circular
Circumnavigate To sail around
Circumstance The condition surrounding or related to an event
Circumvent To go around or bypass
Period The interval between certain happenings
Periodic Happening at regular intervals; happening from time to time
Perigee The point in the moons or a satellites orbit that is closest to the earth or body it is orbiting
Periphery The outer boundary of something
Periscope An instrument for seeing around things
Adapt To change to be suitable or fit
Adhere To stick to something; conform to; obey
Adjacent Close to, bordering on
Recurrent Happening again and again, returning periodically
Reimburse Pay back, refund
Reiterate Repeat many times
Secession The act of withdrawing from an alliance or association
Seclude To withdraw or set apart from social contact
Segregate To separate from the rest of the group
Sequester To separate or withdraw; to choose solitude or retirement
Created by: Jordanf1
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