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Egypt Vocabulary

These are some words you might know if you are talking about Egypt!

Unique One of a kind; different from all others
Delta A fan-shaped area of silt near where a river flows into the sea
Isolate To separate from others
Hieroglyphics A writing system made up of a combination of pictures and sound symbols
Pharaoh Ruler of ancient Egypt
Theocracy Government by religious leaders
Crucial Important or significant
Reside To be present continuously or have a home in a particular place
Embalming The process of treating a body to keep it from decaying
Labor Work
Role The function or part an individual fills in society
Obtain To gain something through a planned effort
Envoy A government representative to another country
Incense A material that produces a pleasant smell when burned
Acquire To get possession of somthing
Authority The right or power to give orders, make decisions, or control people
Decline To become weaker
Savanna A flat grassland, sometimes with scattered trees, in a tropical or subtropical religion
Created by: lmerideth21