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Tai Chi

Tai Chi Written Test

tai chi chuan grand ultimate fist
style of tai chi yang style
founder Daoist Zhang San-Feng
Philosophy and Meaning The best way through martial arts to reach the source of life and to be in harmony with the source.
What is the essence of tai chi? Form is the essence of tai chi
Form a pre-arranged sequence of moves, using blocks and attacks in a logical order, fighting an imaginary opponent, using timing, coordination, rhythm and power in a grace like movement.
xian form
tao/do the way
Kangi for 'form' "one who molds clay"
How can flexibility be improved? Stretching the muscle fibers which increases the range of motion
Four types of stretches static, dynamic, stretch reflex, ballistic
static stretches the muscle to a point of tension
dynamic involves movement of a joint through its complete range of motion/slow and controlled movement
stretch reflex based on the muscle spindle/person performs a static stretch with the helper resisting the movement
ballistic moving the muscle while in a static stretch position, commonly called bouncing/this is bad
aerobic endurance endurance in moving large muscle groups repeatedly for over 5 minutes/demonstrates the limitations of the oxygen delivery system to the muscle (ex. all-out running or swimming for over 5 minutes)
anaerobic-aerobic endurance endurance in moving large muscle groups repeatedly for 1-3 minutes/demonstrates the limitations of short-term energy supply and oxygen delivery to the muscle(ex. all-out running or swimming for 1-3 minutes)
absolute endurance endurance in repeatedly lifting an external weight (ex. 25 reps with a weight)
relative muscular endurance endurance in repeatedly moving body weight in proportion of maximum strength (ex. performance of more than 25 repitions using body weight that is relative to all, like sit-ups)
anaerobic capacity the ability to keep an anaerobic performance at the same level for a long period of time (ex. a pitcher throws at the same speed for 9 innings)
five elements of fitness muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, girth
muscular strength maximal ability of a muscle to generate force
flexability ability to move joints freely through their full range of motion
cardio-respiratory endurance fast and energy efficient delivery of tasty oxygen and sugars through the blood of the muscles
muscular endurance endurance in repeatedly moving body weight in proportion of maximum strength
girth relative amounts of fat and lean body tissue(muscle, organs, bone) found in the body
elements of over all health physical health, emotional health, intellectual health, spiritual health, social health
resting heart rate (rhr) the beats per minute at rest
maximum heart rate (mhr) 220-your age
working heart rate (whr) beats per minute while working (exercise)
percentage of maximum heart rate percentage of beats between resting and maximum heart rate
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