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SC Colonial Govt

SC Colonial Government

What term refers to the men who were granted land in the New World by King Charles II? proprietors
What were possible causes of the Stono Rebellion? Security Act and freedom in St. Augustine
What was the effect of the Stono Rebellion in SC? Slave Codes of 1740
How did the Grand Council during the proprietary period make decisions? majority rule from each group
What groups made up the Grand Council? representatives of proprietors, colonial elite, and common people
What group was established to represent the people in the proprietary government? Commons House of Assembly
Which Protestant group wanted changed in the proprietary colony? Dissenters
Which Protestant group wanted to maintain the status quo for political control? Goose Creek Men
Which Protestant group sided with the Anglicans? Huguenots
What type of legislature did SC and other colonial government have? bicameral
Like other colonies, on what was the development of SC's political elite based? economic status
What does the term bicameral mean? two house legislature
Who were the vigilantes in the Upcountry? Regulators
What was the legal problem with the Regulator Movement? violated English rights
What law brought law and order back to the Upcountry? Circuit Court Act
What was the result of the Regulator Movement? established courthouse, jail, and sheriff in seven districts
Why did the production of naval stores increase? subsidies were paid
What provided power to the assembly of the SC royal government? paid the governor's salary
How was settlement in the backcountry encouraged? creation of townships
What area of SC was away from the coast? upcountry
What area of SC was more wealthy? lowcountry
What area of SC had the rice plantations? lowcountry
What area of SC had more representation in the government? lowcountry
What area of SC was less educated upcountry
What area of SC had cities called Camden and Ninety-Six? upcountry
What area of SC had larger population of whites? upcountry
What area of SC were the courts originally located? lowcountry
What was a reason the colonists asked the king for royal protection? attacks from Native Americans, Spanish, pirates
What was a reason the Dissenters were unhappy with the proprietors? no religious freedom
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