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Social Studies

Social Studies Chpt 13

What years did the Middle Ages last? 500-1500 AD
Who were the Franks? Germanic people who settled in the Roman province of Gaul
Who spread Christianity to the Franks? Clovis
What are monasteries? A religious community of men called monks who gave up their possessions to devote themselves to a life of prayer and worship
What is Benedict known for? Writing the first set of rules for convents
Who broadened the authority of the papacy beyond it's spiritual role? Pope Gregory I
What became secular under Pope Gregory? The papacy
Why was Charles Martel's victory at The Battle of Tours in Spain important? If he had not won that battle, Western Europe might have become a Muslim Empire.
Was Pepin the Short Charles' uncle? No, he was Charles' father.
Who built an empire greater than any known since ancient Rome, reunited Western Europe for the first time since the Roman Empire and limited the authority of nobles? Charlemagne (Charles)
Explain why the serfs accepted their economic hardships. They were told that God has told them to do so and they couldn't rebel since they didn't know how to read and write.
What were the 3 main groups of the feudal society? The kings/knights, priests/nuns, and peasants.
Name the social structure from top to bottom.(European Middle Ages). King/Pope/Knights-lords-priests-vassals-peasants
Land granted by landowner is called______. a fief.
A church tax paid to the village priest is called _________. a tithe.
What are the steps to knighthood? First a 7 year old boy is send to become a page. Then at age of 14 he becomes a squire. Then at age of 21 he is a knight.
What did knights commonly trade military service for? land
Who were troubadours? poet-musicians
What powerful punishments could the Church hand down? excommunication, interdiction
What happened to the Holy Roman Empire after the death of Frederick I's death? The empire dell apart and broke up into feudal states.
What were the different ranks of the clergy? Priest, Bishop, Pope
Was the pope in charge of spiritual matters or political affairs? Spiritual matters
What are sacraments? Important religious ceremonies
What is the canon law? The body of laws governing the religious practices of a Christian Church.
Who was the most effective leader of Medieval Germany? Otto I
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