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Medieval Japan

Fact about the medieval japan empires and warriors.

name fact
Empire A Japanese leader with hardly any power.
Shogun A Japanese military leader with the real power.
Daimyo They are a Shoguns representatives and they lived in huge castles surrounded by moats.
Samurai Samurais are professional warriors that live and are loyal to shoguns and daimyos.
Ronin Roins are paid solders to fight with the samurai.
Peasants The peasants were very poor and were raised to be a farmer, fisherman ect.
Artisans People who made art, cooking pots and fish hoods.
Merchants Merchants are people who sell goods and are not allowed to mix with other classes.
Burakumin They lived in isolated areas and are still discriminated today.
Crafts Poeple People who are well known for being called "Black Smiths" and made weapons and armour for the warriors.
Created by: NathanPeirce