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English 1


Amiable friendly,pleasant ,lovable
Amity friendly and peaceful relations
Amorous showing romantic love
Amicable having a friendliness
Amiss wrong or out of order
Amorousness being in love
Isometric having equal measurements
isothermal having equal or constant temperature
isotope two forms of a element having equal numbers of proton
Isobar a line on a map connecting points of equal barometric pressure
Isobath contour line on a map connecting points of equal depth in a body of water of below the earth surface)
Isolate in cause to remain apart from others
Isonomy equal distribution of rights and privileges
Hero one who,in the face of danger displays great courage for the greater good of all humanity.
Achetype a very typical example of a person or thing a recurrent symbol in literature, art, or mythology
Mythology a collection of myths especially one belonging to a particular religious or cultural tradition the study of myths
Myth a traditional story that explains a practice ,belief, or natural occurrence
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