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Chapter 3

American Colonies take shape

Indentured Servant Poor immigrants who works for another in order to pay for his passage to America
Scotch-Irish These immigrants to America often settled on the frontier
Germans These immigrants often settled in Pennsylvania
Middle Passage The route between Africa and America taken by enslaved Africans
Magna Carta English document that limited the power of the King
Parliament The legislative body in England
The Dominion of New England King James II's attempt to impose his rule on the Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey
Salutary Neglect The English policy of allowing the colonies to govern themselves
John Peter Zenger This trial affirmed freedom of the press in America
Mercantilism This economic way of thinking defined wealth as gold received by exporting goods.
Navigation Acts Laws that required the English colonies to trade with England
Enlightenment An intellectual movement of the 1700s that emphasized using reason to solve problems
Great Awakening A religious movement in the English colonies that brought a renewed interest in Christianity
John Locke English philosopher who identified the role of government is to protect our God given rights
Ben Franklin An American scholar/thinker/businessman who embodied the Enlightenment in America
Fish An important export from New England
Wheat An important export from the Middle Colonies
Tobacco An important export from the South
Cash Crops Crops that are grown for the sole purpose of selling
Women and Children These were some of the immigrants who moved to New England in the 1600s
Dame schools A school run by an older woman
Harvard The oldest college in the US
Princeton The oldest college in New Jersey
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