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unit 2 `

American Revolution

what major war in north america led to great britain to tax the american colonies french and indian war
who is often considered the founder of the US Navy? john paul jones
how does the declaration of independence argue for american independence by providing a list of greivances and abuses of power of the king
what role did geography play in the american victory at the battle of york town? the river prevented the british forces from being able to retreat
the belief in "No taxation without representation" would be supported by which group an american soldier
what are the three main unalienable rights life liberty pursuit of happiness
many of the protest against the different acts, or taxes placed on the american colonist by england were? boycotted
mercy otis warren played what important role during the american revolution? patriot writer, who used propoganda
who created the famous engraving depicting the "boston massacre" or as it was called "the bloody massacre"? paul revere
which founding father is responsible for writing the declaration of independence thomas jefferson
person who authored "common sense" thomas paine
founding father from pennsylvania wrote "poor richard's almanac" negotiated a treaty with france during the american revolution, and was a delegate to the first and second continental congress benjamin franklin
which were the two major british acts that finally pushed the american colonist to declare independence stamp act and intolerable act
where were the first shots of the american revolution fired lexington and concord
why did the intolerable act affect the colonist in such a restrictive way it unfairly restricted the english colonist rights
under the artice of confederation the national government had very few powers, why was that founding fathers were fearful of a central government with too much power
on december 25th general washington attacked and beat an army of hessian soldiers at trenton new jersey, what dangerous and difficult action helped him lead him to his successful victory his crossing of the delaware at night
in 1776 the american colonies took what action against england declared independence from great britain
why were the american colonists so upset with the tea act they were not allowed a say in the tax on the tea
the name of the place that george washington made as the winter quarters of the continental army where he trained his men to become a great fighting force valley forge
place in order -boston tea party -townsend acts -stamp act -intolerable acts -stamp act -townsend acts -boston tea party -intolerable acts
what side were the sons of liberty on? america
what side were the loyalists on british
Created by: stallarita