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Fertile Crescent region of the Middle East that stretches in a large,crescent-shaped curve from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean
Mesopotamia wide, flat plain in present-day Iraq. This plain lies between the two great rivers, Tigris and Euphrates. (land between the rivers)
irrigate to supply with water; usually canals, ditches, pipes, or streams
city-state independent state that includes a city and its surrounding territory
barter trading system in which people exchange goods directly without using money
polytheism the belief in more than one god
ziggurat temples that were pyramid-shaped brick towers in larger Sumerian cities
cuneiform system of writing that uses triangular-shaped symbols to stand for ideas or things
empire Territories governed by a single ruler or nation.
Hammurabi's Code a set of laws that governed the life in the Babylonian empire; oldest deciphered writings- consists of 282 laws
Babylon (bab uh lahn) was a small, unimportant city on the Euphrates River located near present-day Baghdad, Iraq. Under the king of Hammurabi, Babylon became the center of a new Mesopotamian empire
Hammurabi (hah muh rah bee) Babylonian king (1792-1750) who made Babylon the chief Mesopotamian kingdom and codified the laws of Mesopotamia and Sumeria.
Assyria (uh seer ee uh) north of Babylon, along the Tigris River.
nomads People who moved from place to place following their food source
B.C. Dating from before the year Jesus Christ was born
A.D. Dating form the year Jesus Christ was born
archaeologist Studies material things left from the past.
Edubbas Sumerian schools for scribes
scribe Someone who is trained to write
movement The shifting of ideas from one area or region to another. This can be material things or ideas and customs.
regions Areas with common characteristics such as the same religion or weather
place What it is like (example: language, weather, customs)
human environmental interaction How human interact with their surroundings. Such as clearing land to build a house, wearing a jacket.
location Where it is. We use Relative and Absolute directions
Equator Main line of latitude
Prime Meridian Main line of longitude
hemispheres Main line of longitude
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