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ch 13 test

Medieval Ages

Who were Pepin's sons? Charlemagne and Carloman.
list 2 out of the 3 roots of the Middle Ages. 1) the classical heritage of Rome 2) Beliefs in Roman Catholic church 3) customs of Germanic tribes
What caused the fall of Rome? Germanic invasions.
Who were the only people educated during Middle Ages? The Church.
What did Charles Martel do that was important? Charles defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours to keep them from controlling Western Europe.
What did Charlemagne do? Charlemagne reunited all the Germanic kingdoms as a last attempt at the Roman Empire.
What is Feudalism? A system of loyalties and protection based on mutual obligations.
Why didn't peasants ever leave the manor? They were not allowed to unless they got permission, no protection outside of manor.
What was the Medieval social class structure? King->Nobles->vassals(lesser Lords)-> Knights-> Serfs(peasants)
What was a knights job? to protect his lord, his special lover,and God.
You had to be a son of what to become a knight? Noble
At what age did you leave the kingdom to go train to become a knight? Age 7
What age did you become a squire? Age 14
What age were you finally dubbed knight? Age 21
How long in total did a person have to train to become a knight? 14 years
What was Chivalry? A code of conduct for knights
Who became the most unifying force in European society? The Church
Who was in charge of all spiritual matters? The Pope
What was the church social class? Pope-> Bishop-> Priests
The Middle ages were considered an age of faith; what are some other names it could have been called? Age of chivalry, Age of trust, Age of feudalism, etc.
Why didn't serfs question their place in society? They thought god had put them there.
What law applied to all Christians? The Canon law.
What was was excommunication? When an individual was kicked out of the church and denied the chance for eternal life in heaven.
Why was the Church important? The church was the only institution able to read and right, also gave people something to believe in.
What animal did knights ride into battle with? Horses
Created by: mryan267