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Social Studies

Roanoke Island off the coast of NC, John White formed a colony on this island in 1587, 3 years later when he returned the colonists were gone. All that was left was the word croatoan carved on a tree
John White the leader of the colony on Roanoke island
Charter a document permitting colonists to settle land claimed by their ruler
Sir Walter Raleigh he was Queen Elizabeth's trusted advisor, brought tobacco back to England and founded Virginia in honor of Queen Elizabeth
Virginia a region in northern Florida which was named Virginia
Queen Elizabeth she was known as the virgin queen and that is why Virginia was named after her
Chesapeake Bay located in eastern Virginia where a lot of native Americans lived they called the area Tsenacomacoh
Stock shares of a company
Armada a large fleet of spanish ships that tried to invade England
Tsenacomacoh located near the Chesapeake Bay originally Indian land, but later settled by the English
Chief Powhatan a respected Native American leader of Powhatan
King James I is the namesake of the Jamestown Colony which was settled on the James River. The settlers were all wealthy men
Jamestown sat on a swampy peninsula on Chesapeake bay had a fort, and church, there was a lot of disease and many people died
Captain John Smith sent to protect the settlers. He was a strong leader that Jamestown needed
John Rolfe harvested the first tobacco crop in 1614
Cash Crop a crop that is sold for money
Indentured Servants servants that bound themselves to serve someone for a certain period of time usually for five to seven years
House of Burgesses made laws for the colonies
Pocahontas the daughter of Powhatan, she married John Rolfe
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