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Chapter 13

25 question quiz on Chapter 13

the churches ability to deny people in their feudal kingdoms sacraments, church burials and denial of reaching heaven. excommunication
eric the red and leif Ericson were members of a group called norsemen these were the_______. Vikings
a period of time in European history from about 500 t 1500 AD middle ages
a code of conduct for knights values
in a ceremony called ________ kings and nobles appointed church officials sacrament
poets and musicians who entertained nobles about a knights life as well as the joys and sorrows of romance life. troubadours
a Christian religious community in which members devote their lives to god church
mock battles that proved as a source of training and entertainment tournaments
worldly affairs such as day to day life, politics an government secular
two groups of people without many rights peasants and women
medieval serfs were ____ to the land but were not ____. bound, payed
physical things found on a manor peasant homes, castle, farms, forest
role of pope in the early middle ages was a _______ leader but also exercised _______ power. religious, political
three masters knights fight for chosen lady, god, lord
all were members of the Carolingian dynasty pepin, charlemagne
signaled beginning of middle ages fall of rome
a medieval manor was a _____ unit. economic
the main religion and type of government Christianity, feudalism
after chalemagnes death his _____ fought for _____ and his kingdom became _______ children, land, divided
the most powerful institution during the middle ages church
a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligations. feudalism
throughout the middle ages most people couldn't______ and ______ read, write
during the early middle ages there was a power struggle between ______ and _______ the pope, the king
only a boy of ______ could become a knight noble blood
3 steps to knghthood page, squire, knight
Created by: Dylandowney