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Foy Gov Part 2

What article lists the powers of the executive branch, which enforces laws passed by Congress? Article II
This person is the head of the executive branch, who must be at least 35 years old and a native-born citizen of the United States. President
How often are the President and Vice President elected? every 4 years
How many terms is a president limited to under the 22nd Amendment? 2 terms
What does Congress have to do to remove a President from office? Congress must conduct an impeachment trial and find the President guilty of a crime or misconduct.
What is the term for a President canceling a law that Congress has passed? veto
What is the term for a President issuing a command that has the power of law? executive orders
What is the term for a President granting someone freedom from punishment. pardon
While only Congress can declare war, who commands the armed forces and can call on U.S. troops in emergencies. the President
Other than creating treaties, what is another job of the executive branch that has to do with our relationships with other countries? conduct foreign policy
What groups do most of the work of the executive branch? executive departments. The President appoints department heads, called secretaries, who make up the cabinet.
How often does our country hold a presidential election? every 4 years
Where are presidential candidates for larger political parties chosen? nominating conventions
What are the two main ways the states send people to conventions? primary and caucus
At the end of a nominating convention, what do delegates cast their votes for? the party nominee who will run for president and vice president in the national election
What month is Election Day held in? November
The presidential nominee who wins the most votes from people of each state wins what? popular vote
What is the name of the group of people who cast the actual votes for president? Electoral College
In order for a candidate to win the electoral vote, what do they have to have? absolute majority, which means more than half the votes
What happens with the newly elected President and Vice President on January 20th? They take the oath of office and are inaugurated.
What article of the Constitution outlines the courts' duties? Article III
Who can strike down a state or federal law if the court finds the law unconstitutional? federal courts
How are federal court judges chosen for their position? They are appointed by the President for life.
How are the lower federal courts divided? into 94 districts
What is the name for the 13 courts that review cases from the lower courts? appeals courts or appellate courts
What kind of appeals cases does the Supreme Court hear? appeals of decisions by the appeals courts
What types of cases does the Supreme Court usually hear? important constitutional or public-interest cases
How many justices does the Supreme Court have? nine, including a chief justice
What type of cases are tried when a person has been accused of a crime? criminal cases
What type of cases relate to the rights of citizens? civil cases
What amendment protects freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition? First Amendment
What amendment deals with state militias and the right to bear arms? Second Amendment
What amendment prevents the military from forcing citizens to house soldiers? Third Amendment
What amendment protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure? Fourth Amendment
What amendment guarantees the government cannot punish anyone without due process of law—meaning the law must be fairly applied? Fifth Amendment
What amendment says that anyone found not guilty cannot face double jeopardy—be tried again for the same crime? Fifth Amendment
What is the term for the power to take personal property to benefit the public? eminent domain
What amendment gives the right to a speedy, public trial by jury, to know charges and hear witnesses, to impel witnesses to appear, and right to an attorney? Sixth Amendment
What amendment give the right of trial by jury in civil cases—cases where harm has occurred but not necessarily the breaking of the law? Seventh Amendment
What amendment allows for bail and bans cruel and unusual punishment? Eight Amendment
What amendment gives the courts and Congress the power to decide the rights of citizens that are not addressed in the Constitution? Ninth Amendment
What amendment states that any powers not delegated to the federal government nor prohibited by the Constitution belong to the states and the people? Tenth Amendment
What is the classification of anyone born in the United States or U.S. territory? U.S. citizen
What is the classification of someone who is born in a foreign country but has at least one parent that is U.S. citizen? U.S. citizen
What is the term for people who permanently move to a new country? immigrant
What the process of becoming a citizen of the United States? naturalization
What are some guidelines for legal immigrants? They may not vote or hold public office and can be deported if they break the law.
After how many years of living in the U.S. can legal immigrants request naturalization? 5 years
What are the requirements for becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen? over 18 and support themselves financially; law-abiding and support Constitution; demonstrate understanding of English; show basic knowledge of U.S. history and government;go before a naturalization court and take an oath of allegiance to the US
What civic duties are American citizens expected to do? Participating in elections;Obeying laws; Respect people in power; Paying taxes; Defending the nation; Serving on juries
Why are men over 18 may be required sign up with the Selective Service to serve in the military? in the event of a draft
What are some ways that American citizens can participate in government? learning about issues and candidates and by voting in elections
What are the organizations called in which Americans collect money for candidates who support certain issues? Political Action Committees
What are the organizations called that are made up of groups who share a common interest that motivates them to take political action? interest groups
Created by: lfoy8290
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