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13 colonies

The Thirteen Colonies

What were the four colonies in the New England region? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut
What were the four colonies in the Middle region? New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania
What were the five colonies in the Southern region? Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina
Who was the ruler of a royal colony a King
Who was the ruler of a proprietary colony? Themselves; Individuals
Who was the ruler of a charter colony? Colonies; they governed them selves
What were the major cities in North Carolina and South Carolina? Who were the founders? NC: Raleigh SC: Charleston and Sumter. The founder of NC was Lord Proprietors and the founder of SC was Charter of Carolina.
What were the Major Cities in NJ and NY? WHo were there founders? NJ: Trenton and Princeton NY: Albany and New York City. The founder of NJ was Lord Berkley and George Carteret. The founder of NY was Peter Minuit and Peter Stuyvesant
What were the Major Cities in Pennsylvania and Virginia? Who were there founders? PA: Lancaster and Philadelphia VA: Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Richmond. The founder of PA was William Penn and the founder of VA was John Smith.
What were the Major Cities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire Who were there founders? MA: Salem, Boston, Quincy, Plymouth, Lexington, Concord. NH: Exeter, Dover. The founder of MA was John Winthrop and the founder of NH was John Mason and John WHeelwright.
What were the Major Cities in Connecticut and Rhode Island? Who were the re founders? CT: Hartford and and New Haven RI: Providence, Portsmouth and Newport. The founder of CT was Thomas Hooker and the founder of Rhode Island was Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson.
What were the Major Cities in Delaware and Maryland? Who were the re founders? DE: Wrington and Georgetown MD: Baltimore and Annapolis The founder of Delaware was Peter Minuit and the founder of MD was George Calvert.
What colony was led by John Smith Virgina
What was New Jersey named after? It was named after the Isle of Jersey in England.
Why did most immigrants come to live in the thirteen british colonies? To practice religion freely and also because of the wealth.
What religious groups did Maryland allow? Catholics, Anglicans, Bapists
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