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History II

Chapter 18: Trade

imperialism policy by which stronger nations extend their political, economic, and military control over weaker territories
extractive economy colonial economies based on an imperialist nation extracting, or removing raw materials
Alfred T. Mahan naval historian who advocated for naval power as the basis for a great nation, urged the U.S. to build a modern fleet
Social Darwinism belief the Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest should be applied to societies, justifying imperialism
Fredrick J. Turner historian who noted the closure of the American frontier, his ideas were used by others to urge U.S. overseas expansion
Matthew Perry U.S. naval commander who sailed fleet in Tokyo Bay in 1853 persuading Japan to trade with U.S.
Queen Liliuokalani Hawaiian Monarch dethroned in 1893 by rebel Americans. Resented the power of the white minority and abolish constitution given them political power
Created by: Hellokitty139