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Chapter 13 Test

What was the medieval social class structure? King, Noble, Vassals, Serfs
What is feudalism? a system of loyalties and protections based on mutual obligatios
What was the main duty of the knights? To fight battles
Troubadours were... Poet- Musicians
Punishments by the church excommunication and interdiction
How were poor and noble women alike? They were considered inferior to men and they had very little power.
Steps to knighthood were... Page, Squire, and knight.
The church established its own... organization
Throughout the middle ages most people couldnt read or/and write
Epics were... Long poems
Members of the Carolingian Dynasty were Charles Martel, Pepin the Short and Charlemagne
Code of conducts for knights Chivalry
What is a tournament a staged battle for entertaining audiences and training knights.
Only a boy of..... could become a knight Noble Birth
Why did the people need to turn to local leaders for help? They needed protection from them because they had no central government
Religious ceremonies that led to achieving salvation were called sacraments
The bishops and priests who the pope had authority over were called the bishops
What was the job of peasants on a manor? They maintained and grew crop
Knights were to fight for three masters... their chosen lady, their lord and God
What were the three main group of the feudal society? Those who prayed (church officials), those who worked (peasants/serfs), and those who fought (nobles and knights)
What was the canon law? Law of the church
Why was church so important to the people? The church was the most dominant institution
Name some effects of the germanic invasions 1. moving goods from place to place became unsafe 2. People fled to the countryside 3. People became less educated 4. A common language was lost
A medieval manor was a self sufficient unit
Knights most commonly traded military service for lan
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