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PDX quizes 9-15


T or F- Physiologic splitting of the heart is accentuated by inspiration & typically disappears on expiration True
This finding is often present with pectus excavatum Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)
A PMI located at the xiphoid or epigastric region suggests? Right ventricular hypertrophy
Physiologic splitting of S2 is best heard in the____area? Pulmonic
40 y/o-fatigue-SOB (shortness of breath) during/after exercise- swollen ankles-rapid/fluttering heartbeat- Loud 1st sound & opening snap in diastole. What? Mitral stenosis
Erbs point is necessary to assess for the murmur of? Aortic Regurgitation
Young athlete- episodes of fatigue, chest pain, & SOB. Mid systolic click at apex. diagnosis? Mitral valve Prolapse (MVP)
Displacement of the PMI lateral to the midclavicular line suggests? Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Increased Jugular Venous Pressure (JVP) suggests? Right sided congestive heart failure
40 y/o receptionist- fatigue- long history of smoking- had rheumatic fever as child. S2 sound widely split. Diagnosis? Pulmonic Stenosis
Systole is the period of ventricular _____? Contraction
Diastole is the period of ventricular_____? Relaxation
Closure of the____&_____ valves produce the 1st heart sound (S1). Mitral & Tricuspid (AV valves)
Purple striae on the abdomen suggest? Cushings syndrome
Patient w/ stomach pain-vomiting & bloody diarrhea- 1hr before pain, she had big meal-normally has small meals-she is pale and tachycardic-abdomen rigid w/ voluntary guarding & rebound. Diagnosis? Mesenteric Ischemia
T or F- Abdominal pain & tenderness may result from acute pleural inflammation? True
A positive fluid wave, shifting dullness & peripheral edema is indicative of? Ascites
Name the sign: Resisted hip elevation increases abdominal pain- suggesting appendicitis Psoas Sign
Name the sign: Pain in the RLQ during left sided pressure- suggests appendicitis Rovsings Sign
Name the sign: Pain when pinching skin fold of RLQ- Suggests appendicitis Cutaneous Hyperthesia
Name the sign: Patient in full inspiration-then full expiration-percussion of left lowest intercostal space in mid axillary line changes from resonant to dull. Splenic percussion sign
Name the sign: A sharp increase in tenderness under the right ant. costal margin, w/ a sudden stop in inspiratory effort-suggesting acute cholecystitis Murphys sign
Name the sign: Hip Flex, Knee flex, & Hip Int. Rot. increases abdominal pain-suggesting appendicitis Obturator sign
Patient @ ER w/ severe upper abdominal pain-began 2 hrs ago-after eating fast food-pain 10/10-hurts in back-reports nausea-tender in RUQ-positive murphys sign. Diagnosis? Acute Cholecystitis
An enlarged liver cw/ a smooth, tender edge suggests hepatitis or____? Right-sided Heart Failure
Signs & symptoms of a left sided appendicitis are consistent w/ acute ______, a condition that most often involves the sigmoid colon. Acute Diverticulitis
Chest pain mimicking angina or myocardial infarction suggests? Diffuse esophageal spasm
Neurological evidence of dysphagia suggests? Oropharyngeal dysphagia
Blood-streaked stool suggests Sigmoid colon cancer
Diarrhea worse in the morning-rarely at night suggests? Irritable bowel syndrome
Particularly foul-smelling stool suggests? Malabsorption syndrome
Nocturnal regurgitation & cough suggests? Achalasia
T or F- Epigastric referral may occur in acute myocardial infarction? True
This cervical cyst is often asymptomatic & most likely has no clinical significance. Nabothian
What objective findings suggest the possible presence of uterine myomas? Enlarged or Retroflexed Uterus
A patient has vaginal pruritus, inflamed vulva, & thick white discharge. Diagnosis? Candidal Vaginitis
Mildly elevated ulcers on erythematous bases that cause labial pain. Diagnosis? Genital Herpes
Yellowish cystic nodules in the labia that are small, firm, & round. Diagnosis? Epidermoid cyst
Common nontender or painful discrete swelling on the side of the vaginal opening. Diagnosis? Bartholins Cyst
Benign fleshy outgrowths of the urethral meatus & occur post-menopause. Diagnosis? Caruncle
Bladder herniates into the vagina. Diagnosis? Cystocele
Infection caused by the human papillomavirus. Diagnosis? Venereal Wart
Rectovaginal exams include palpation for? A retroflexed uterus & Polyps or tissue growths in the rectum
Which anatomical structures can you identify when observing the vestibule? Urethral meatus and Vaginal Orifice
Infection from sexually transmitted disease typically causes a _______ from the cervical os. Mucopurulent discharge
Menopause symptoms include all of the following except? Hypertrophy of the urethra....(SX it does include: Sleep disturbances, Dyspareunia, & Hirsutism)
During patient exam you note: Cervix feels smooth, firm, round, & is fixed. Pain with palpation. Diagnosis? Malignancy...The cervix should move when palpated
How to correctly insert a speculum? Press the inferior margin of the itroitus down to enlarge the vaginal opening & insert the speculum w/ blades at an oblique downward angle
All are lymph nodes found in the breast/axilla region except? Costoclavicular.... (others listed: lateral humeral, pectoral, subscapular)
21 y/o woman. White discharge from breasts. No period for 6 months. Not sexually active. Mother had cystic breasts and Aunt had breast cancer. No masses palpated. Normal axillae. What is the cause of the nipple discharge? Nonpuerperal galactorrhea
35 y/o woman. R breast pain near nipple. Recently started birth control pills. No relevant family hist, no tobacco/alcohol use. Has a round, soft, tender 1cm lump medial to her R areola & a 1/2 cm soft lump medial to L areola. No skin rxns. Diagnosis? Cyst
25 y/o woman. Felt lump in L breast above nipple for 3 months. No nipple discharge or past relevant history. You feel a firm, disc like lump on L breast above nipple. It is mobile & nontender. What breast kind of mass does she have? Fibroadenoma
Male breast cancer constitutes__%of cases, peaking in frequency around age 71. 1%
A potential cause of nonpuerperal galactorrhea is? Hypothyroidism
A small part of the mammary gland often extends into the axilla, forming the axillary_____. Tail of Spence
An inverted nipple suggests? Breast cancer
T or F- The American Cancer Society recommends monthly breast self-examinations? False
Which of the following increases the relative risk in developing breast cancer the most? BRCA1/2 genetic mutation... (other options: Chest radiation, No full-term pregnancies, Never breast-fed your child.)
Upon performing a genitourinary assessment, you notice a swollen scrotum. It increase with increase in intraabdominal pressure, & decreases when lying down. Diagnosis? Indirect inguinal hernia
Which of the following is considered a normal finding in a genitourinary assessment of an aging male? Decreased penis size... (other options: Enlarged testes, lighter scrotal color, presence of hydrocele)
Testes may be enlarged & painful while scrotum is erythematous. cosexisting UTI or prostatis. Diagnosis? Epididymitis
variable genital plaques that may cause itching & pain. Diagnosis? Human Papllomavirus
This Predisposes patients to testicular cancer? Cryptorchidism
Testes may be enlarged & painful while scrotum is erthematous. Coexisting mumps or other viral infection. Diagnosis? Orchitis
Progressive small red papulle with inguinal lymphadenopathy. Diagnosis? Primary Syphilis
Tiny scattered vesicular lesions that may be asymptomatic or cause various constitutional symptoms. Diagnosis? Genital Herpes Simplex (2)
Patient presents with a swollen, bluish, ovoid mass at the anal margin. Diagnosis? External Hemorrhoid
Female patient.Chief complaint is rectal bleeding. Has intermittent constipation & uses laxatives. You see a reddish protruding mass @ 5 oclock position of the rectum. Diagnosis? Internal Hemorrhoid
The lymphatics form the penile & scrotal surfaces drain in the inguinal nodes, whereas lymphatics of the testes drain into the_______. Abdomen
Enduring penile sore or ulcer. Diagnosis? Penile carcinoma
Pitting edema of the scrotum. Diagnosis? Congestive heart failure
Congenital defect where the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis is called? Hypospadias
Examiner can palpate above the mass within the scrotum. Diagnosis? Hydrocele
Curvature of the penis. Diagnosis? Peyronie's disease
Examiner cannot palpate above the mass within the scrotum. Diagnosis? Scrotal hernia
On exam of the rectum, a small opening is found in the midline, superficial to the lower sacrum. There is a surrounding halo of erythema which is tender to palpation. Purulent discharge is expressed. Diagnosis? Pilonidal cyst
A hardened prostate suggests all of the following except? Acute prostatitis... (other options: Praostatic calculi, prostatic cancer)
What is the order of the location of the femoral structures from lateral to medial? Artery, Vein, canal
which statement is most correct when performing a male genital exam? When palpating for a hernia on the right side, have the client shift his standing weight onto the left leg.
Yellow discharge from the penis suggests? Gonococcal urethritis
62 y/o man. chief complaint is frequent urination. other symptoms are decreased bladder emptying, dribbling, decreased urinary stream force for many years. You feel an enlarged, smooth & firm prostate absent of lesions. Diagnosis? Benign prostatic hyperplasia
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