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US Hist unit 8

1-10 on the practice test

Congress adopted the motto __ to distinguish American culture from Soviet state-sponsored atheism "In god we trust"
What statement does NOT describe an aim of the United States during the space race? claim other planets in hope of future colonization
The supreme court ruling in ___ requires police to follow procedures in order to protect rights when making an arrest. Miranda v. Arizona
The Chinese Revolution resulted in____ China coming under communist rule
What was the outcome of the Selma-to-Montgomery march? Protesters delivers a letter to Governor George Wallace leading to a personal meeting with the President Johnson to discuss civil rights
Assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam, ___ had provided leader ship for blacks seeking separation not integration Malcolm X
Who killed Martin Luther King Jr.? James Earl Ray
who was Shot and killed while standing on the balcony of his hotel in Memphis? Martin Luther King Jr.
What program successfully landed Americans on the moon? Apollo
Dr. Kings "_____" speech is considered one of the most influential in American history "I have a Dream"
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