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Early Virginia

Virginia Studies 4 a & b

Barns, homes, and schools are examples of this. Cultural Landscape
Pamunky, Mattaponi, and Chesapeake are names that reflect this culture. Indian
Richmond, Henrico, Jamestown are names that reflect this culture. English
The culture of the early colony was made of these three groups: Indian, English and _____ . African
Drinking water at the Jamestown colony was contaminated by this. salt water
Richmond was a more central location for the capital as the population of the colony was moving in this direction. Westward
The Scotch Irish settled in this area of Virginia. Shenandoah Valley
Primarily, Africans lived in the Piedmont regions of Virginia and also the ______ region. Tidewater
What destroyed many of the buildings in Jamestown? fire
The second capital of the colony was located here. Williamsburg
What was the 3rd capital of Virginia? Richmond
What is a synonym for barter? trade
The House of _____________________ was the first representive governing body in our Country and State. Burgesses
In 1620, who arrived in Jamestown? women
How many capitals has Virginia had over the years? three
People traveled the Great ________ Road to find opportunities in Virginia. wagon
What was the first permanent English settlement in our country? Jamestown
What major river is the northernmost in our state? Potomac
What region other than the Coastal Plain did the slaves settle in Virginia? Piedmont
What cash crop required a great deal of steady labor? tobacco
After the settlers arrived in Virginia, the Indians were forced to move ____________ . inland
Where was the tobacco that was grown in Virginia sold for profit? England
This is the name of a large farm in the South. plantation
Buying a good or service now and paying for it later credit
A group of people who settle in a land distant from their homeland but keep ties with it colony
Who originally cultivated a tobacco that was sweeter tasting than the native tobacco in Virginia? John Rolfe
A synonym for agriculture farming
The ________and the Scots-Irish settled in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Germans
The founding of Jamestown was primarily an _________ venture. economic
The King of England granted a _______ to the Virginia Company of London to establish a settlement in North America. charter
Jamestown was located on a narrow _________ bordered on three sides by the James River. peninsula
A name for a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country settler
Many of the first Jamestown settlers died from starvation and __________. disease
The native peoples traded mainly food with the English in exchange for tools, pots, and this type of metal: __________. copper
Who was the daughter of Powhatan that served as a contact between the native peoples and the English. Pocahontas
The native people saw the settlers as invaders that wanted to take over their _____. land
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