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1st 9 weeks review

The agreement signed by Puritans to obey laws of the Plymouth Colony was the - Mayflower Compact
New Jersey and Maryland were established for ? reasons. religious
What 1770 event leads to the Battle of Lexington and Concord? Boston Massacre
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are examples of - unalienable rights
What event leads to the increase of Puritan population in Boston? Great Migration
What was the legal barrier to colonists moving westward after the French and Indian War? Proclamation of 1763
In 1620, what document established self-governing colony based on rule of the people? Mayflower Compact
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal" was written in - 1776
The French and Indian War occurred during the ? Era. Colonial
The Southern Colonies were ideal for growing cash crops because of their - warm climate and fertile soil
In the 1700s, due to the farming economy in Southern Colonies, which group grew in population? Slaves from Africa
When Abigail Adams wrote letters encouraging her husband to "remember the ladies", she wanted - women to have voting rights
The Magna Carta influences this important U. S. document - Bill of Rights
The Treaty of Paris (1783) established the American colonies as free ending the - American Revolution
Meaning freedom is worth dying for, who states "give me liberty or give me death". Patrick Henry
The Declaration of Independence mentioned people had the right to - control their government
The first representative government in the New World was - Virginia House of Burgesses
What year was the Declaration of Independence written? 1776
How were Native Americans impacted by European exploration? European diseases killed large numbers
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were based on - rights of the individual
Two important Puritans that founded Connecticut and Rhode Island are - Thomas Hooker and Roger Williams
Cold winters and rocky soil lead New England Colonies to focus on an ? economy. industrial
What country did Ben Franklin convince to support the Continental Army during the Revolution? France
Virginia House of Burgesses and New England town meetings were examples of - self-government
British policies like the "intolerable acts" and taxes imposed lead to the "breaking point" in - 1775
United States citizens elect representatives to voice their opinions because the U.S. is a - republic
Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-1778 was a- scene of hardships for Washington's troops
Representative democracy in the colonies was first practiced at the - Virginia House of Burgesses
Thomas Paine wrote a political pamphlet "Common Sense" to persuade colonists to - support the cause of American independence
The New York Colony was originally called - New Amsterdam
Created by: Ms. Carr's class