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Road to Revolution

Casualties people who are killed, wounded, captured, or missing in war
Militia an army made up of civilians
Boycott to refuse to buy certain goods; a form of protest
Albany Plan of Union called for the colonies to unite duing the French and Indian War; rejected
Writs of Assistance search warrants used by British tax collectors to look for smuggled goods
Stamp Act placed a tax on paper items
Sons of Liberty group of colonists who protested taxes and intimidated tax collectors
Repeal to abolish or cancel
Proclamation of 1763 created a line that separated the colonies from the land won during the French & Indian War
Sugar Act placed a tax on molasses and sugar that was imported by the colonies
Townshend Acts placed a tax on imported glass, lead, paints, and tea
Tea Act NOT a tax; gave the British East India Company a monopoly over the tea trade in the colonies
Propaganda used to support a particular point of view; used to get people to think a certain way
Boston Tea Party protest against the Tea Act; tea was dumped into the Boston Harbor
Boston Masacre event in which British soldiers fired on a group of colonists; 5 were killed
Placemen British politicians who were placed in powerful positions in the colonies
Intolerable Acts designed to punish the citizens of Boston; restricted the rights of colonists
Ohio River Valley land that was fought over during the F&I War; valuable fur
Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War; England received Ohio River Valley and Florida
Ben Franklin supported the Albany Plan of Union; created first political cartoon, "Join or Die"
Christopher Gadsden leader of the Charleston Sons of Liberty; attended the First Continental Congress
First Continental Congress met in response to the Intolerable Acts; decided to: continue boycott, stop exporting goods to England; meet again if Intolerable Acts are NOT repealed