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Who We Are

Native American and Constitution

What is an example of how Native Americans in the Desert Southwest adapted to their environment? They made adobe homes because clay was an abundant resource. Because it was dry, they had to irrigate to get water to their crops.
What is an example of how Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest adapted to their environment? They used the Cedar trees for houses and other items. They also hunted and gathered from the forests around their homes. Deer, rabbits, and other small animals were plentiful.
What is an example of how Native Americans in the Great Plains adapted to their environment? People of the Great Plains relied on the buffalo for food, shelter, clothing, tools, and much more. They adapted by moving around so they could follow the buffalo.
What is an example of how Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands adapted to their environment? They hunted and fished because there were many animals in the forests, lakes, and rivers. They used furs to keep warm in the winter. They traveled on waterways.
What was the government of Eastern Woodlands Native Americans like? They had councils or leagues of chiefs. Chiefs were chosen by the Clan mothers. (Iroquois Confederacy)
What was the family of Eastern Woodlands Native Americans like? Extended family lived together in a longhouse or wigwam. Women trained daughters and men trained sons.
What was trade like for Eastern Woodlands Native Americans? They traded with other tribes by bartering. They used wampum belts as proof of their trade agreement.
How did Eastern Woodlands Native Americans use the land? They cleared land for farming.
Did individuals in the Eastern Woodlands own land? No, the land was used or worked by the whole tribe.
What kind of jobs did people in West African tribes have? Women ran the home. Men in big towns traded with travelers and men in villages hunted.
What was the family of West African tribes like? Extended family lived together; groups of families formed a clan
What was trade like for West African tribes? Gold was found there, so they traded it for goods from other places, especially for salt
How did states and towns grow in West Africa? Because of the great amount of gold resources, people came to trade and that made towns grow bigger and more wealthy
What were the Articles of Confederation? A plan for a national government accepted by the states in 1781 - toward the end of the American Revolution
What was one problem with the Articles of Confederation? The national government was too weak (could not set up an army, control trade, or create taxes)
How did the Constitution work better than the Articles of Confederation? It gave more power to a federal government and balanced powers between 3 branches (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial)
What did the Bill of Rights add to the Constitution? Individual Rights (like freedom of speech, assembly, and religion)
Identify the Native American regions: Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands
Identify the regions of Africa: Northern, Eastern, Central, Western, Southern
Created by: oes5th