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Lyndon B. Johnson and Vietnam

Explain the Domino Theory If one country became Communist, neighbouring countries would also.
Who was the leader of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
Who was the leader of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem
Explain the term Vietcong South Vietnamese Communists who supported the North
Which countries supplied arms to North Vietnam USSR and China
Where did 2 US patrol boats get fired upon Gulf of Tonkin
What was the Tonkin Resolution Gave LBJ power to take necessary steps to defend the US and its allies
What was Operation Rolling Thunder Increased bombing of North Vietnam in Feb 1965
Through what countries did the Ho Chi Minh trail pass Cambodia and Laos
How many Americans in total served in Vietnam 2.7 million
What term did the US use for the Vietnamese Gooks
What was Agent Orange Herbicides dropped on North Vietnam by US air force
What was the role of Dean Rusk US Secretary of State
What was the role of Robert McNamara US Secretary of Defence
Who were the ARVN South Vietnamese Army
What was the role of Westmoreland US Commander in Vietnam
What was the effect of Napalm It burned the skin of humans
When was the US Embassy in Saigon attacked Tet Offensive
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