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Toefl Vocab 5 81-100

Toefl Vocab Words 81-100

intrinsic - A penny has little intrinsic value. Being a primary part of something; inherent
involve -She involved herself in many activities to help make new friends. To become concerned with or connected; include
allocation - His allocation of materials was gradually used up. A share; an assignment of portions; distribution
fallacious - Her fallacious argument could not be defended. Having errors; incorrect
feasible - It is a feasible design for the high-rise building. Able to be done; possible
means - He was told to finish the job by any means available to him. Ways; methods
lack - The mathematician was lacking in communication skills. To have a need for; to be short of something
preconception - It is difficult to overcome preconceptions if we are not open to new ideas. An opinion formed in advance without experience or knowledge of something; bias
robust - The robust economy is expected to continue growing quickly. Showing good health, in good shape; energetic
steady - Steady growth is projected for companies involved in genetic engineering. Firm, in fixed position, constant
swift - The contestants were swift thinkers. Quick, fast
novel - The physicist had some novel ideas about traveling at the speed of light. Uncommon, unusual, new, original
unbiased - Her unbiased analysis of the problem allowed her to find the solution more rapidly. With no preconceptions; objective
varied - The class expressed varied opinions about the movie. Being of many different types; diverse
accentuate - The supervisor accentuated her preference for hard-working employees during the performance appraisal. To highlight; to emphasize, to give more importance to
disguise - It is hard to disguise the fact that business is slow. To hide the usual appearance of something; to conceal
finance - The Art exhibition was financed by a private foundation. To provide money, to fund
omit - He inadvertently omitted some important data from the report. To leave out, not include, to neglect
Created by: anino
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