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Ch 4 Map Quiz


what was the largest colony in the Spanish Expansion New Mexico
what population was growing in the Spanish Expansion Mestizo
what did the Spanish rely on in the Spanish Expansion wealth
what was the largest French settlement Illinois
what was the famous saying during the French Expansion "whoever controls Mississippi River, controls trade"
who did not voluntary come to the colonies the Africans
who did voluntary come to the colonies everyone but the Africans
which group had the most voluntary people come to the colonies the Scots and the Irish
who was one of the leaders of the enlightenment Benjamin Franklin
who wrote Poor Richard's Almanack and in what year Benjamin Franklin in 1733
what was the significance of the John Peter Zenger trial it protects freedom of press
what region was the Great Awakening located in New England region
what was John Edwards speech called "sinners in the hands of an angry God"
what was John Edwards belief about gaining salvation "you can only gain salvation by admitting your sins"
who was George Whitefield an English minister
what did George Whitefield spark in the colonies the Great Awakening
what was George Whitefield's belief about salvation to repent your sins and say "are you saved"
who were the four important Enlightenment Thinkers Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Montesquieu, and Hohn-Jacques Rousseau
what did Thomas Hobbes write Leviathan
what did John Locke write on civil government
what did Montesquieu write The spirit of the laws
what did Rousseau write The Social Contract
what was John Locke's belief people should have natural rights
what are natural rights right to life, liberty, and property
what is the government supposed to do according to John Locke protect natural rights
if the government did not do what they were supposed to do, what could happen to them according to John Locke they can be overthrown by the people
Created by: 76er Historian