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US Hist unit 7

Part 1

Victory Gardens freed up food to be sent overseas to soldiers and refugees
The Nuremberg Trials made permanent the story of the holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity
The office of war information provided information to people at home, troops in the fields, and public in enemy territories.
The International Military Tribunal tried Nazi war criminals
"The Buck Stops Here" President Truman's most famous Motto
President Truman's Executive order 9981 ended Segregation in the military
The Marshall Plan Provided economic aid to rebuild European countries
The Tuskegee African-American combat pilots during world war 11
The Truman Doctrine Policy of using any nonmilitary measures to stop the spread of communism
President Truman called Eleanor Roosevelt "The First Lady of the World"
The Baby boom Period of unprecedented population growth in America after World War11
The 1950s ecperienced what a inflationary cycle leading to spiraling prices due to high demand.
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