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American Revolution

Loyalist People who supported or were loyal to the King of England during the American Revolution
Patriots People who supported independence from England during the American Revolution
Neutral People who did not choose sides during the American Revolution
Woman during the American Revolution Stay home and ran farms/plantations, nurses, messengers
Slaves serving in the American Revolution for the Patriots Served as cooks or served in the militia
Slaves serving in the American Revolution for the English Were able to fight and freedom was offered
Native Americans in the American Revolution Cherokee sided with the British b/c they were offered (given back) their land to the west
guerrilla warfare hit and run military tactic (example-hiding behind trees and sneak attack)
Thomas Sumter Partisan leader-fighting gamecock
Francis Marion Partisan leader- swamp fox
Andrew Pickens Partisan Leader- Wizard Owl
Horatio Gates Leader of the continental army at the battle of Camden. Lost the battle and up command of his army
Nathaniel Greene Took command of the continental army after Horatio Gates retreats at the battle of Camden. Works with the Partisan leaders to use hit and run tactics
Banastre Tarleton Known for his cruel tactics in war like burning churches and people's homes (Tarleton's Quarter). Also known as "Green Dragoon"
General Cornwallis General of the British troops in the south.
Battle of Camden Patriots lose- British control a majority of SC after this battle
1st seige of Charles Town Patriots victory- Palmetto trees absorb the cannon fire at today's Fort Moultrie
2nd Seige of Charles Town British victory- British blockade Charles town. Patriots that surrender are put on parole
Blockade surrounding a fort or city, not allowing any supplies in or out the the fort or city
Battle of Cowpens Patriots victory- first time a force of mainly British regulars are defeated; Revenge on Tarleton
Battle of Kings Mountain Patriots victory- overmountain men defeat British loyalist, they do not take prisoners. British were led by Patrick Ferguson
Yorktown Patriots victory- Cornwallis surrenders
King George III King of England during the American Revolution
Declaration of Independence Document written to King George III expressing the reasons why the colonist want their independence
John Locke Enlightenment thinker that inspired parts of Americas Declaration of Independence
Second Continental Congress Group that got together that voted and adopted the Declaration of Independence
Battle of Saratoga Patriot victory- French agree to help the Patriot cause after the victory
George Washington Elected as the General of the Continental army because of his experience in war
Treaty of Paris of 1783 Officially ends the American Revolution; Sets the western boundary of the US at the Mississippi River
Thomas Lynch Sr. SC delegate to the Second Continental Congress; Did not sign the Declaration of Independence because he suffered a stroke and died. However, a place was left for him to sign
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