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US History - Unit 2

Unit 2 - Vocabulary list

Federalist Political Party that favored a strong Federal Government
Democratic Republican Political Party that favored strong State Governments
Thomas Jefferson 3rd President of US that purchased the Louisiana Territory in 1803.
James Madison 4th President of US. Leader of US during War of 1812.
James Monroe 5th President of US. He is known for US policy known as Monroe Doctrine.
Alexander Hamilton 1st Secretary of Treasury. He proposed plan for US to have a National Bank.
Andrew Jackson 7th President of US. He was also hero of Battle of New Orleans. While President he passed the Indian Removal Act.
Lewis and Clark Men sent to explore the Louisiana Territory looking for the Northwest Passage.
Judicial Review Idea that Supreme court can declare laws or acts UnConstitutional.
Indian Removal Act Law that moved Native Americans from American southeast to west of Mississippi river.
Homestead Act Law passed in 1862 that gave free land to people that moved West.
Louisiana Purchase Land USA bought from France in 1803 for $15 million nearly doubling the size of USA.
Gold Rush Movement of people to California after Gold was discovered in 1848.
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad built linking West coast of USA to rest of the country.
Mexican-American War Fought between 1846-1848 between USA and Mexico. Resulted in US gaining land known as Mexican Cession.
Assimilation Process of making one group like another.
Cultural Genocide The destruction of a groups culture by multiple means.
Reservation Land set aside for Native Americans after they were removed from their home territory.
Popular Sovereignty Idea that the people of a territory will determine if they want to allow slavery or not.
Manifest Destiny Idea that it was American's destiny to spread from East Coast to West Coast of North America.
Dawes Act Law passed in 1887 that split up Reservations into smaller sections hoping to encourage farming.
Buffalo Main food and resource of many Native American tribes
Annexation The addition of a land area (the way Texas became a State)
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