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Where was the constitutional convention held? PENNSYLVANIA state house in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787
Who has the power to declare war. Congress
What is rule of law. Nobody is above the law.
Slander Lieing about someone
Libel When the press writes lies about someone with the intent of damaging their reputation.
Double-Jeopardy Being tried for the same criminal case multiple times.
Self-Incrimination Being forced to plead guilty.
Due process following legal procedures
Eminent domain Government has the power to take land from its people for market value.
Are state laws more powerful than federal laws. No
Who presided over the constitutional convention. George Washington
Who elects the president. The electoral college
How does the electoral college decide where to put votes. By having a popular vote and the top popular vote gets that states electoral votes. State with the most votes is California because it is the biggest.
Where are the goals for the constitution The preamble
What are the goals for the constitution? 1. Form a more perfect union. 2. Establish Justice 3. Insure domestic tranquility 4. Provide for the common defense 5. Promote the general welfare
What are the 3 main parts of the constitution Preamble, Articals, Amendments
Why during the constitution were all discussions kept secret. So that the representatives could change their minds and so that they could think about what is good for the country and not just for their state.
Who has final authority in interpretation of constitution The supreme court.
How many articals are in the constitution. 7
What are these articals based on 1. Legislative Branch 2. Executive Branch 3. Judicial Branch 4. Relations among states 6. National debts, Supremacy, National law, Oath 5. Provisions for Amendments 7. Ratification of constitution.
Who has reserved powers? Nobody, reserved powers are not for congress but not denied to the states ether.
Percents Something compared to 100
Proportion Equation that states that 2 ratios are equal
Percent change The Ratio of the amount of change to the original amount.
How do you write the Spanish alphabet? a be ce che de e efe ge hache i jota ka ele elle o pe qu ere erre ese te ve doble ve equis i griega zeta
Yo Soy
Tu Eres
el es
ella es
usted es
Nosotros(as) somos
Vosotros(as) sois
ellos son
ellas son
ustedes son
Created by: Fire593
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