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8th - Global Studies

Chapter 2 Review

climate pattern of weather over a long period of time
strait a narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water
tributary a smaller stream or river that flows into a larger stream/river
commercial farming farmers raise crops or livestock to sell
region area with one or more areas that set it apart from other areas
bay a body of water that extends into the land
canyon a deep valley with steep sides
mountain range a row of mountains
plain a large, low area of flat or rolling land with few trees
coast line land along the ocean or sea
forestry using trees to make homes, furniture and paper
landforms any natural features of Earth's surface that has a distinct shape
natural resources useful material that is found in nature such as water, wood, coal, oil, uranium and petroleum
reef a narrow ridge of rocks, sand or coral at or near the surface of the water
Thematic Map A map that shows a particular theme or topic
subsistence farming small farmers grow crops to feed their own family
volcano a hole in the Earth's crust through which lava, gases and ash are released
Vegetation zone a large area of earth with a certain mix of plants and trees that are adapted to similar conditions
island a piece of land that is surrounded by water
7 regions number of regions our book divides the world into
precipitation rain, snow, sleet, hail & drizzle are forms of water
elevation the height of the land above sea level
desert a geographic region with little rainfall to support much plant life
hydro-electric power dams are built on rivers to harness this
population density the average number of people who live in a square mile
fossil fuels oil, coal, and natural gas are examples
name the 7 Regions of the World Canada and United States, Latin America, Africa, Europe and Russia, Southwest and Central Asia, Monsoon Asia, Oceania and Antarctica.
Economic Activity Map shows how people make a living; patterns of land use
land use the ways in which people use a particular area of Earth's surface for example: farming and development
physical features a map that shows landforms & bodies of water
Humid continental a climate with warm, rainy summers and cool, snowy winters
river this natural resource is needed if you use hydroelectric power
climate zone a large area of Earth with a particular pattern of weather
climagraph a graph that shows the average temperature and precipitation in a place over a year
elevation (altitude) elevation is determined by climate and latitude
region an area defined by one or more natural or cultural characteristics that set it apart from other areas
vegetation all plants and trees in an area
economic activity any action that relates to the making, buying and selling of goods and services
plateau a raised area of land such as a hill or mountain with a flat top
arid dry or lacking rainfall, also a climate zone that is hot & dry all year with very little rain
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