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Reconstruction Terms

Who said that preserving the Union was important than punishing the South after the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln
Who believed in African Americans achieving equality through vocational education? Booker T. Washington
Who was the former confederate general who wanted to see Southerners reunite with the North as Americans? Robert E. Lee
Who believed in full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans without delay? WEB DuBois
______were the laws that upheld segregation practices in the South. Jim Crow Laws
______ was the government organization that was created to help the freedmen during Reconstruction. Freedmen's Bureau
The act of separating people based on religion or culture is called_____. Segregation
Treating someone differently because of their religion or culture is called _________. Discriminiation
Who was the Reconstruction leader who wanted to see an amendment added to the Constitution to give African Americans the right to vote? Frederick Douglas
__________ were put in place in the South at the beginning of Reconstruction to restrict the rights of the freedmen. Black Codes
Northerners who came to the South after the Civil War to take advantage of Southern problems were called _______. Carpetbaggers
Created by: lori_hall