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Social-Chapter 3


technology scientific knowledge and tools to make or do something
navigation the science of planning and following a route
expedition a trip taken with the goal of exploring
empire a collection of lands ruled by the nation that won control of them
entrepreneur a person who sets up and runs and business
cost the effort made to achieve or gain something
benefit a reward that is gained
Reconquista the movement to make Spain all Catholic; also called the Reconquest
isthmus a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas
treaty an agreement between countries about peace, trade, or other matters
grant a sum of money or other payment given for a particular purpose
conquistador any of the Spanish conquerors in the Americas during the early 1500s
reform to change
missionary a religious teacher sent out by a church to spread its religion
Reformation a Christian movement that began in sixteenth-century Europe as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church; resulted in the founding of Protestantism
Counter-Reformation a time when the Catholic church banned books and used its courts to punish people who protested Catholic ways
Northwest Passage a waterway in North America thought to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
mutiny rebellion against the leader of one's group
indigenous people native to (living in) a certain region or country
motivations reasons why something is done
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