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Industrial Revo

Time of political, economic, and social increase in many countries.

Industrial Revolution During the 1700-1800 when the change from man made goods to machine made goods.
Agricultural Revolution Changed how plants were planted, grown, and harvested. It led to the Industrial Revolution.
Enclosure Movement The fencing off of middle class farms.
Domestic System The way they made cloth before the Industrial Revolution.
Steam Engine A machine that improved industry and transportation.
Bessemer Process A method of removing impurities out of iron by blowing cold air on top.
Great Britain The first to industrialize because of there stable government, increased population, and lots of raw materials.
Communism The system in which the government or workers have the means of production and trading.
Factory System The use of machines to process goods.
Labor Unions Workers who group together and use bargaining to get what they want at work.
Karl Marx Was exiled from Germany for his socialists ideas.
Iron Law of Wages The law that wages are in cycle. If people have higher wages they can support more children. If the population increases the wages goes down.
Created by: 18FlynnK